Zelthine Moorebrook

Leader of the Council


Formerly the Representative of the Commons, Zelthine Moorebrook is the currently elected Leader of the Council. The youngest Leader in history, Zelthine ran on a campaign on preserving Grandstake, its power, and its people. She won the election among the Council of the previous term by on single vote, which angered those who voted against her. Her opponent was Lyari Mia’Lana, the former and current Representative of the Noble Quarter, who had the great sway with both the Noble, Sunderage, and Merchant Districts. As a result of her win, Zelthine finds herself under great pressure as she stands on the precipice of war and the scrutinizing eyes that watch her progress.

Being in the middle of Scara, Grandstake stands to loose much if the Elves and Humans go to war once more. Thus, the citizens of Grandstake fear the rise conflict between the two nations that are bubbling forward once more. Zelthine finds herself negotiating between the Altonia Empire and Taurlond with little progress of quelling the hate between them.

Zelthtine leads with a firm, but calculating hand. She is known for being practical. Listening before speaking, thinking before acting, Zelthine has been slowly gaining more and more support from the people of Grandstake. However, she recognizes that she stands on delicate ground with the nobles and the criminal powers of the city-state.

Zelthine Moorebrook

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