Prudence Scarlett

A master of allure and mystery


Before joining the League, Prudence made a living of off nobility. Through varying means, she would plant herself within a noble family, convincing them to care and provide for her. Sometimes she would play mistress to a unfaithful husband or merely exchange entertainment for lodging. She’s played many different roles and been many different people.

However, she was pulled from that life when a job went sour and she had to flee. Seeking refuge, she found it with the League of Glory. Granted not much of an adventurer, Prude proved her skills a master of arts and speech to aid in the completion of contracts, more specifically contracts involving the removal of groups or individuals rather than killing monsters. Most of her time is spent entertaining at the Hall of Glory, but finds herself occasionally called out on contracts, some even specifically asking for her.

Prudence Scarlett

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