Lyari Mia'Lana

Representative of the Noble Quarter


The Mia’Lana family has been a founding family of Grandstake. With a handful of other Elven families, the Mia’Lana family hold immense sway and power within Grandstake. They are arguably one of the most influential names in the city. However the numbers of Elven nobles are rather sparse due to their slow rates of reproduction. Lyari is the current matriarch of the Mia’Lana family within Grandstake. They have strong ties to the rest of their family in Taurlond.

Lyari strongly favors the nobles and merchants of Grandstake. Her goal is economic and commercial dominance of Scara. She favors anything that grows the money and power of Grandstake within Scara. With that said, rumors have circulated for decades that she has deals with the Red Dragons and the Whispers to protect the nobles and merchants of Grandstake. Despite the favor and power she wields, Lyari lost the most recent election for Council Leader to Zelthine Moorebrook by one vote.

Council Member Lyari holds herself with an air of nobility and propriety. She comes across as cold and unyeilding. Rarely does she back down from anything once her mind is made up. She has served as a council member almost from the founding of Grandstake and served as Leader of the Council a handful of times. It was under her rule that Grandstake entered the Orc Wars to aid Taurlond.

Lyari Mia'Lana

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