Tales of Scara

The Pieces of Power: Session 1
The Adventure Begins!

Hey everyone! I am going to try posting a log/summary of what happens during each session to reference back to, or if you miss a session to read up on! Here is the first one EVER!

After their individual adventures, the heroes are all summoned to a strange library and temple. They are introduced to the strange figure that they saw in their visions and who gave them the medallion. The figure introduces themselves as Laval and informs the party that they are in the Library of Laval. Then, Laval explains that they each have been chosen to take part in what is called the Rite of Rebalancing in order to protect the world of Scara from a growing darkness that is taking over the lands and to prevent a second Great War.

Laval gifts each hero a Piece of Power which is attuned to them through a short ritual performed by Laval. Riswyn gets a cool bow which her fox, Post, can interact with and be hidden away from harm. Esoteric received a cool staff which is made from a black material, engraved with arcane runes, and topped with a creepy black skull. Reed’s weapons Grace and Steven were imbued with the power of his Piece which altered their form into sleeker, utilitarian style weapons. Mercy received a bad ass lute that is a one of a kind masterpiece (I can’t remember what kind of wood it is made of). Elizabeth received a steel scimitar with a small stone of turquoise and jade that dangle from the hilt. For Reed and Riswyn, your weapons are now +1 weapons. For Esoteric, Mercy, and Elizabeth, your weapons give you +1 to spell attacks and +1 to your spell save DC when casting spells that come from your class. After receiving their weapons, Laval kicked out the party before they could ask too many questions and told them to go check out the League of Glory, on the road north to Grandstake.

Reed tried to get back into the Library of Laval, but Laval told him to stop messing around. However, he figured out that the medallions act as keys to re-enter the Library. Then, the party debated whether or not having parents was part of a normal upbringing or not, tried to figure out what the hell Esoteric and Elizabeth were, and eventually began walking towards Grandstake.

On the road, they were stopped by the Warthog gang who they trounced without too much trouble, letting 3 gang members escape, but killing the leader and majority of the gang. They received 115 gold (23 each) by looting the bodies. Reed mutilated some faces, much to the dismay of some of the party, Then, he and Esoteric buried the bodies on the side of the road. Then as if the cherry on top, Reed drew the symbol of the Black Scorpions on the road.

Since it was getting late, the party decided to camp for the evening and reach the League of Glory by midday the next day. Riswyn hunted up some yummy rabbits and prairie dogs for dinner. Meanwhile, Elizabeth found some water that wouldn’t get people sick. The party decided on who should take watch. Much to Mercy’s dismay, he did end up taking one shift. During which, he saw what may or may not have been a mythical cougar-deer. Ending his watch, Esoteric took her watch during which she didn’t notice 4 Orcs coming to attack the party.

After what ended up being a rough battle with 2 members down, the party slew the Orcs. Reed found some more tattoos for his collection (This guy is pretty morbid…). The party got 45 gold (9 gold each) from the bodies. They rested a bit longer and hit the road once more in the morning!

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