Vaalwen Elerelon

The Late Tari (Queen) of Yamen'Edhel


The late Tari of Yamen’Edhel, Vaalwen Elerelon is the elder twin sister of Daeron Elerelon. Her life and death are both mostly unknown to anyone outside of the Elven courts. In life, she tended to be extremely aloof, but always watching. Many knew her to be a great adviser to her husband, and the king, Rimecon Elerelon. However, their relationship seemed to be one out of business than anything else. Vaalwen’s family were highly ranked within the Elven courts of Taurlond with strong ties to Shae’Anda.

Merchant by both trade and birth, Vaalwen oversaw most of the trade operations of the country and was credited by many, including the king, for ushering Yamen’Edhel into a time of great prosperity after the Great War.

Vaalwen only had one child, Miriel Elerelon. Like the rest of personal life, her relationship with her daughter was kept private. When in public, the entire family held themselves with a regal air. They stood unshaken by anything publicly. However in the wake of the Orc War, Vaalwen’s health began to fade and rumors of some relationship between Rimecon and her twin brother began to surface as the pair began to be seen together more and more often. Though, Vaalwen never addressed the rumors and ignored them. Some people thought the queen to be in denial. Others wondered if she even cared.

Roughly a century ago, Vaalwen’s illness overcame her and she passed. In a scandal, Rimecon quickly (or at least in terms of Elves) took her brother as his new partner. Without her guidance, the prosperity Vaalwen nurtured begins to wane in her absence, yet has not died out yet.

Vaalwen Elerelon

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