Shaela Fal’Drys

Leader of the League of Glory; “The Maiden of Mamming”

  • Race: High Elf
  • Class: Beserker (Totem Warrior: Wolf)
  • Age: 287
  • Occupation: Leader of the League of Glory
  • Gender: Woman

Born after the first Great War, Shaela has no recollection of that time. Shaela grew up among nobility in the port city of Shae’Anda. However, it quickly became apparent that she was not meant for the life of nobility and class. She despised the “Great Game” that gave the nobles excuses to take each other out and work in the shadows. Shaela preferred open confrontation and direct action. Thus, she renounced her title and name to join the military. For a time, she was happy with them. However, the woman grew tired of their rules and formalities, too reminded of the world she left behind.

Thus, she left Taurlond entirely, venturing for Grandstake, a now bustling metropolis of new hopes and fortune. In the great city-state, she joined the arena and the games that take place there regularly. Becoming adept at one-on-one combat, Shaela earned herself the title of “The Maiden of Mamming” after her the paradox of her beautiful elven appearance and the vast amounts of injury and bloodshed she could cause. For a couple decades, she was happy working in the arena. However, things changed when the Orc Wars began.

Taurlond attempted to hold their own against the Orcs. However, their power and organization was far superior to anything anyone had encountered from them at this point. Eventually, Taurlond requested aid from its neighbors to which Grandstake responded. Shaela and many other arena fighters joined the war to quash the Orcish forces. During the war, Shaela witnessed much bloodshed and fighting. The arena had never been to the death. Now, she fought on battlefields slaying Orcs and other fiendish creatures, watching her comrades fall.

However, she witnessed the good that they were doing as well. Small towns, unable to defend themselves, relied on the armies and forces to protect them from invaders. Being able to save and protect proved more gratifying to her than any victory she had one in the arenas. Thus when the war ended, Shaela left the arenas to join a group named the League of Glory.

Within the Hall of Glory, Shaela felt immediately at home. Through her work, she got to make good money and help people who needed her and her comrades. Early in her career, Shaela fell in with another group of adventurers who had just begun there and were looking for another member. Through the League, Shaela met Gema Stonefellow [insert link], Sanner Trill [insert link], and Bartholomew Runewit [insert link]. Together they became one of the most successful and acclaimed groups in the League.

When the leader at the time decided to step down, he held a contest to determine who would get to take his place. It would be a tournament held in the arena’s of Grandstake and the winner would take his place. Shaela was quickly picked as a front runner for this contest. The elf did not disappoint either as she took down opponent after opponent until she was crowned champion. Since, she has lead the League of Glory. Her leadership has steered the League in a more benevolent path, allowing a more flexible payment system which allows the poorer and more needy to be able to afford their services more easily.


Shaela stands at around 6’4". Her hair is a bright and fiery red, cut shoulder length. Instead of armor, she wears a dark grey sleeveless tunic that reaches to her mid thighs and is belted at the waist. On her exposed arms are ornate tattoos and markings of wolves and other elvish symbols evoking the power and aspects of a wolf. Across her shoulders, a shrug made of a grey wolf’s pelt rests, clasped in the front with the League Seal.


  • Loud
  • Aggressive
  • Loyal
  • Passionate
  • Charismatic
  • Wise
  • Alltruistic


  • Lover: Gema Stonefist
  • Good Friends: Sanner Till and Bartholomew Runewit

Shaela Fal’Drys

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