Riswyn Hilltrodder

Elfing Ranger


Riswyn spent her early childhood running between the legs of oxen and packhorses, tripping potential customers and earning herself the nickname “Underfoot” among her mother’s band of traveling Halfling merchants.

When she was 9 she finally met her father. He arrived early in the morning, a smile on his elven face as he stepped silently from the trees. And the he saw Riswyn standing beside her mother. His face fell into an expression of pure shock as he looked from one to the other. After all, who could have expected a child from that union?

Three months later, Riswyn left the caravan for the borderlands to begin her training in the Rangers Guild. After nearly thirty years under the tutelage of her father and the other rangers, she has finally been offered the opportunity to become a full fledged member of the Guild. All that stands in her way is the Sojourn.

Riswyn Hilltrodder

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