Reed Throatsplitter

Halfling Rogue/ Badass


Reed is a Halfling rogue. He’s kind of a naive fellow as well as being an assassin. He was raised by a noble High Elf family from birth until events shortly preceding this adventure unfolded. He’s about 3 feet tall (pretty average for a Halfling) with dirty blonde hair and gray eyes (again both common for Halflings). Reed is also shredded like lettuce.

Even though Reed had limited contact with the outside world as a child he loves people and is especially reverent to an old friend of his, also called Reed. He is reluctant to talk about what happened to Reed (the elder) and will not handle people speaking ill of him well. Growing up he didn’t have many friends so he is quite found of Grace and Steven who will often talk to, out loud. They often respond.

Reed hasn’t spent very much time interacting with people who were not High Elves or his Halfling friend, Reed. So he may accidentally say some offensive shit.

Reed Throatsplitter

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