Martin Farmerson

Representative of the Farmlands


The most remarkable thing about Councilman Farmerson’s election was that he is the first Half-Orc ever elected to the council.

The son of a woman who escaped the Orc slave trade, Martin has always struggled with being an outsider within Grandstake, particularly among the farmers as they are the most vulnerable to Orc attacks. However, he gained respect through his hard work and dedication to bettering the community he lived in. Eventually, people began to rally behind him to become the next Representative of the Farmlands with the retirement of the previous one. Seen as a man of the people, Martin has begun is first term as the Representative of the Farmlands with pressure from his constituents to bring some form of change to their situation. As of yet, he has not made any huge waves within the Council or Grandstake politics.

Martin Farmerson

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