Marlene Rutherford

Head Avian Keeper for the League of Glory

  • Race: Human
  • Class: Ranger (Beast Master)
  • Age: 28
  • Occupation: Head Animal Keeper for the League of Glory
  • Gender: Woman

Marlene grew up in the small town of Trowlton in the Altonian Empire. Her mother died due to complications after giving birth to her. Thus, Marlene’s father raised her own his own. She followed in her father’s footsteps, learning to hunt, shoot, and fight from him. Even from a young age and despite her rather dark past, the girl made friends easily and had a favorable reputation throughout the town. However when she was 20, tragedy founds its way back into her life. Marlene’s father died from a quick and deadly illness, leaving her alone. Shrouded with grief, Marlene left Merton’s Valley, unable to see nothing but a shadow of death surrounding her.

Eventually, she found her way into the League of Glory and under the tutelage of Sanner Till. He refined her techniques and turned her into a proper ranger and taught her how to care for the flying mounts held by the League. Through her training, she became bonded to a Hippogriff named Clarence who was the first animal she managed to train herself.

Since Sanner became Vice Leader of the council, Marlene has taken the role of managing the small operation of the Leagues Avian flocks of Giant Eagles, Griffons, and Hippogriffs. Though the flocks are rather small at the moment, she hopes to be able to expand them by running her own breeding operations within the League.

Marlene Rutherford

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