Loli Wizzlefit

Head Taskmaster of the League of Glory

  • Race: Gnome
  • Class: Fighter
  • Age: 83
  • Occupation: Head Taskmaster of the League of Glory
  • Gender: Woman

Despite her size and rather unintimidating stature, Loli Wizzlefit remains one of the more feared administrators of the League of Glory. Her entire life has been combating and defying people underestimating her. With a background in the Linklock Republic Military (LRM), she served for a number of years, but felt that the rules and regulations of the military too confining for not enough income. Thus, she left.

Trained as a Eldritch Knight, Loli could just as easily hurl a fireball in your face as her hammer. She has served the League as a member for a couple decades now, taking the position of Taskmaster under the appointment of the previous leader. Despite her rather abrasive and aggressive personality, Loli has a knack for training and guidance. Part of her duties as Taskmaster is to pair contracts with members that are of appropriate difficulty for them. Thus, many see her as a mentor of sorts within the guild giving her as much respect as they do caution.

Loli Wizzlefit

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