Justice Ebon

Representative of the Sunderage


Much of Councilman Ebon’s history is shrouded in mystery. What is known about him is that he was born in the Sunderage of Grandstake, though just before it became recognized as its own district within the city. Some say that he was orphaned, others say that he was raised by his mother. When he was a teenager, he began working at a tavern called the Ruby Claw. Eventually, he ended up inheriting the place from the previous owner when they passed (whose death seemed to rather mysterious as well). Justice seemed to be a natural business man and the Ruby Claw grew to be the most illustrious and successful tavern in the Sunderage with multiple floors and visited by even some of the nobility within Grandstake. Over time, he managed to buy out a few other places, either letting them die or turning them into off-shoots of his original Ruby Claw (i.e. The Sapphire Claw, The Emerald Claw, etc).

From there, he began to push into the realm of politics, eventually becoming the Representative of the Sunderage. Now on his third consecutive election, he remains a rather aloof politician with a unscrupulous reputation and history. It is rumored that he is affiliated with the Red Dragons, some even saying that he could be the leader or at least a high ranking officer. Additionally, its thought that his connection to the Dragons is what has lead to his success as a business man.

Justice Ebon

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