Helena Sahlnan

The paladin of Kord


Race: Human
Class: Paladin
Age: 24
Occupation: Former sell-sword and gladiator


Born a slave in the Altonia Empire, Helena’s master forced her to work his large fields in the eastern parts of the country. Bought from birth, Helena never met any of her family and knows nothing of them. Her strength and power caught the eye of her master who began to train her in the art of combat with the intent of entering her into arena matches. Fighting came naturally to Helena. This new placement scored her better treatment as well. Fighting in the arena was glorious. The cheers, the crowd, the fame all drew her in. However, the killing haunted her. Eventually, being haunted by the faces of those she killed became too much for Helena. The now young woman (19) found an ally in a priest of Kord, who had had a vision that instructed him to aid Helena in escaping Bastion and the Altonia Empire. With his help, Helena managed to flee the city to Grandstake. There she managed to find an arena and made a name for herself once more, without killing. One the side, she takes mercenary work, mostly hired muscle to guard traveling merchants which allows her to see more of Scara.

Helena Sahlnan

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