Gema Blackstone

Head Caretaker of the League of Glory

  • Race: Dwarf
  • Class: Cleric
  • Age: 167
  • Occupation: Head Caretaker of the League of Glory
  • Gender: Woman

Born in Durska, the capitol of the Dwarven nation of Graefell, Gema comes from the Blackstone clan which is a clan dedicated to the Raven Queen. They serve as keepers of grave sites and aiding of individuals through the process of death. Worship of the Raven Queen and her clergy are seen as taboo within Dwarven culture, but also a necessity. Despite their respect for the need of the Grimreaper’s worship, Dwarven culture quietly , other times not so quietly, shuns worshipers. Though, the clergy views it as a burden they must bare in order to ensure their Lady’s role in the world can be fulfilled.

For Gema, it was this stigma that drove her out of the city of Durska. Fortunately, the Raven Queen’s teachings are rather few and ambiguous. As a young woman, she found that she valued death’s place within the world, but sought to make other’s lives worth living until then, so their passing would be easier. It was through her adventures that she meet Sanner Till, saving the halfling’s life, and eventually Bartholomew Runewit. The group joined the League of Glory where they met Shaela Fal’Drys, her now partner.

Presently, she acts as the main caretaker of the League. She heads up the preparation and cooking of all the meals, the cleaning and maintenance of the Hall of Glory, and ensuring that the members are well taken care of while staying at the Hall. Her disposition is rather warm and friendly, despite her clerical teachings and practices. Additionally, Gema acts as the mortician for the members of the League, ensuring their wishes are carried out in regards to their passing.

Gema Blackstone

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