Tiefling Wizard


Esoteric was raised where there were more tomes around than people, and words were written rather than spoken. Magic was the common source that bound everyone together, and the drive to hone it kept them there. However the gaunt spires were starved of what she yearned to know.

Upon departure from the towers she was confronted by her first bouts of physical hardship. Through use of ingenuity, luck, and frank stubbornness she managed to combat her time in the wild until finding civilization. Where she experienced an overwhelming sense of freedom for the first time.

Since then has spent the last half decade wandering from place to place. She insists she just enjoys traveling, but anyone who talks to her would know that her motivations are never that simple. Fairly introverted she’s not one to speak much, rather taking time to observe her surroundings. Her inquisitive nature often takes hold of her motivated spirit. Though when time comes for it her tongue can be quite sharp, letting her skills of word and the arcane come through.


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