Elizabeth Kawthar

Blue humanish Druid


Elizabeth was never like the other human children. Sure, the light blue skin and strange glowing lines didn’t help. Nor was it particularly normal for her to always look like she’d been dipped in a lake, but there was something else that kept the other children at bay. The adults didn’t much care for her either. It seemed as though she spent most of her life in a bubble. Elizabeth was never certain what exactly it was. Perhaps she simply made them uncomfortable. Maybe they felt as though she should be revered or maybe feared. It made little difference to her. Humans were so strange and, other than herself, she’d never known anything else.

The world outside of the desert seemed fascinating. There were so many different races and people. She thought for certain she would have to go out and see it someday, but protecting her family, her darling mother, had always been more important. Suddenly, as if someone had heard her wish, she was thrust out of her desert home and into the world on a quest. She was more excited and more afraid than she’s ever been.

Growing up in the desert made her hardened and well adapted to survival, but her lack of normal interactions makes her clumsy in social situations. However, she wants desperately to have friends and interact with people who won’t look away when they see her coming. While well versed in the wisdom of the nature that survives in the harsh desert and her natural affinity for water as a genasi, she hasn’t had much need for physical strength. Thus, she’s begun to realize that the world outside of her home will challenge her far more than she expected and her quest has become much like looking for an oasis in a mess of mirages.

Elizabeth Kawthar

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