Derrick Landsmark

Bastard son of Elven nobility


Born of a human “servant” and an elven noble in Shae’Anda, Derrick found himself born into a life rife with secrecy and exclusion. The shame of the youngest noble son within the family, Derrick and his mother were abruptly ferreted away and put out by the matriarch of the family. With no protest or even acknowledgement from his father, the half-elf and his human mother were left to fend for themselves on the streets of the port city. .

Entering his pubescent years, Derrick did his best to fend for himself. However, he quickly found himself in possession of powers he could not control nor had any idea where they came from. In time he discovered that his Elven father came from a line of sorcerers that claimed to have been blessed by Bahmut himself, though there were some that thought it was more likely to be Tiamat. Regardless, Derrick discovered himself to be the latest heir to the gift within his heritage.

Through his mother’s influence and his Elven families desperation to both conceal him and preserve their heritage, Derrick and his mother were allowed back into the nobles’ home. His mother worked while he received training. Despite his gift and importance in carrying the line, Derrick’s treatment by his Elven family and tutors could be considered mentally and emotionally abusive. Eventually, the young man could no longer bare the lessons and constant reminder of the disgrace his existence brought upon the noble house.

Out of desperation, he left in the middle of the night. Being young, he didn’t consider the consequences of his actions and know that his day of reckoning is to come. However, Derrick has made a life for himself within the League of Glory.

Derrick Landsmark

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