Daeron Elerelon

Aranminya (Second King) of Taurlond


Daeron is the younger twin to the late Vaalwen Elerelon. Being the younger, Daeron never faced the level of pressure that his sister did, particularly in the matriarchal tendencies of Elven society. His life has been spent mostly enjoying the luxuries of his noble birth. Among the nobility, he gained the reputation of being flirtatious and frivolous. He relied on his appearance and charm to network and mingle, a stark contrast to his meticulous and calculating sister.

However, he would be the first to admit the pair were surprisingly close. It was common knowledge that he knew Vaalwen best, even more than their parents and her husband, Rimecon Elerelon. Thus, it was unsurprising when the Elf moved into the castle with his sister upon her marriage. However what was surprising were the rumors of a romance between him and the king began to spread about the courts. These were never confirmed, but only strengthened when Daeron married the king shortly after his sister’s death. Additionally, many found it a bit odd that the king would take the twin of his late wife who looked strikingly similar to his former partner.

For now, Daeron continues his lifestyle of luxury and privilege. The king makes little attempt to take his sister’s mantle of trade and commerce of Yamen’Edhel or any other significant political or economic contributions.

Daeron Elerelon

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