Bilba Lightfoot

Representative of the Merchant District


Besides Lyari Mia’Lana, Bilba has the longest standing of serving on the Council of Grandstake. Unlike her Elven counterpart, she has served off on and for most of her time. In her younger years, she waffled between politics and commerce. More in her youth, she would travel on caravans around the world as she bought and sold goods. However as she got on in years, she began to take seat on the Council more and more.

This past election, she returned to politics in a great upset and managed to beat out the previous representative after rumors of him creating unfavorable deals with the Red Dragons were spread among the merchants. Now, she sits on the Council protecting the merchants of Grandstake.

Bilba is a warm and friendly person. However, she is not one to be taken lightly. A shrewd and savvy dealer in both politics and trade, Bilba has a history of making nobodies into somebodies and somebodies into nobodies. The halfling is cunning and underhanded without needing to resort to criminal ties. Despite the cutthroat way she handles herself, she keeps her people’s desires and needs at the forefront of her action, which is what has always won her favor among merchants.

Bilba Lightfoot

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