Bartholomew Runewit

Bookkeeper and Historian of the League of Glory

  • Race: Human
  • Class: Wizard (Divination)
  • Age: 62
  • Occupation: Bookkeeper and Historian of the League of Glory
  • Gender: Man

Bartholomew studied at the Altonian University of the Arcane Arts in the capitol of the empire, Bastion. However, this was before the new Emperor took the throne. Once he graduated from the school, he never returned to his homeland. Honing and practicing his arcane teachings superseded anything the Empire could offer him at this point. Thus, he sought out the Scholar’s Fount, the legendary and isolated stronghold of all arcane knowledge withing Scara. However, he never made it to the tower.

His journey’s became distracted by what he was able to learn on his way to the Fount. The elves in particular taught him a great many things, though Bartholomew knew they withheld their deepest secrets. It was they who further dissuaded him from seeking the Scholar’s Fount, assuring him that the tower had not been reachable in almost a century and that they were too selfish and arrogant to share whatever knowledge that they had with any outsider.

Their words and the sheer difficulty of finding a means and way to the Fount were enough to convince Bartholomew to abandon the idea. Instead he found his way to Grandstake, a land of prosperity and the cutting edge of thought and philosophy. There he discovered the League of Glory and fell into their ranks. The League was eager to have him do to his grasp of divination and adeptness for book and record keeping. However, he adventured with a couple friend he made there, particularly the dwarf Gema whose warmth seemed to be able to warm even is stern personality.

As he has gotten older, Bartholomew has retreated more and more to the library and bookkeeping. He takes his work seriously and enjoys it. However being a man of little patience, he leaves the task of working with recruits and general members to Lilo, providing her with the contracts that come into the League.

Bartholomew Runewit

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