Antony "Mercy" Benvolinni

Human Bard


To gifted for his own good.

No truer words were ever spoken about Antony “Merc” Benvolinni. This mysterious man has walked a road of fire, left many a broken heart, and mayhaps accidentally melted a few faces along the way. Somewhat of a local favorite in the town of Hillfront. No one remembers exactly what his reason for coming to the meager dwarven town was, but after his hit tavern smasher single “rock thou as t’were a hurricane” he had found an overwhelming friendship with the Dwarven people.

At first glance an air of regality swims about him, misting his somewhat rugged clothes and haggard scars that seem to erratically mar his athletic body. A foreigner to some, a white snake in the grass to others, and to others still a loverboy of heroic proportions. Some enigmatic question hangs behind the eyes of this mans bohemian life style. But let it be clear, if ever asked what he wants he will simply tell you this; “I wanna rock”

And with that, Antony’s motives are clear. “Sex, Drugs, and Rock n’ Roll” and maybe picking up a few friends along the way if it’ll help chase the shadows that lurk in his past away…

Antony "Mercy" Benvolinni

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